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A splendid solution for school portraits, couples, and individual.

If you are looking for a professional 3/4 view portrait.

In a hurry, sessions are completed within 10 minutes.

Prints ready in 2-3 days for curbside pickup or we can mail them to you for $5.00.



We want you to be 100% satisfied with your photographs.

  • No booking deposit
  • Pick your images and prints at the photo session.
  • Starting price $24.99

Current Dates Available are

Thursday Afternoon/Evening Oct 15th

Friday Afternoon/Evening Oct 16

Saturday Oct 17th

Sunday Oct 18TH


We have developed a special session’s during these trying times.
Our studio has a sizable parking area so we can accomplish social distancing.

  • Online scheduling and ordering.

  • Text us when you arrive at the studio or on-location. Please stay in your vehicle we will text you when we are ready.

  • We are scheduling so that only one client or family is in the studio at a time.

  • Temperature will be taken of all persons prior to entering the studio or for on-location when you enter the area that we will be photographing in. * Note we are not doing in home photography sessions at this time.

  • All persons must wear face coverings except during the actual photograph being taken.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer and masks with you to your session, and keep masks on when you are not being photographed.

  • The doors will be open for you and your family, so no touching handles.

  • Inside our studio is a viewing area for the parents, no chairs.

  • The person to be photographed will be at least 6 feet from our photographer.

  • There will be no physical contact, Photographers are touch-less meaning if your hair or clothing needs to adjusted we will describe to you or have your family member make the adjustments.

  • We ask all persons to wear a mask except during the actual time they are being photographed.

  • Our changing rooms are closed at this time, so if your session requires change of outfit you must change in your vehicle.

  • We are not providing props in our studio at this time. You can bring your own prop (must be able to fit though a 30″ door).

  •  Please minimize bringing unnecessary items in to the studio, so please plan on leaving bags and other belongings in the car or at home.

  • After photos are taken, you select the images. Images will be displayed on a screen in your viewing area to select your image.

  • Your printed photographs will be ready 2-3 days for touchless pickup or we can mail your printed products.

  • You should prepare your kids in advance and make sure they know not to run up to or touch the photographer or assistant. (Sometimes they are having so much fun they want to run in for a hug…which we will totally miss, we have so much fun photographing kids, but for everyone’s safety it’s important that kiddos understand this)


COVID Safety:

All parties understand to the best of their knowledge that they have NOT come in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 and have also NOT shown symptoms of the virus themselves.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat

  • Headache

  • Muscle pain

  • Chills

  • Repeated shaking with chills

  • Loss of taste or smell

If you or anyone in your household is sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, Flu or any other sickness, we will reschedule your appointment at no additional cost.


Photographer and Staff:

Will be wearing face coverings.

While staff is taking your temperature, staff will have face coverings and face shield. All person on location will have temperature taken.

Thank You for your cooperation.

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Kenny R Photography

What makes us so different!

1.) We come to you with our mobile studio and changing room. Serving New Mexico and surrounding areas.
2.) You view and select the images you would like at the time of the photographic session. No waiting weeks to view your photographs. We are confident in our photography to have you view them immediately without having to process the images with computer software.
3.) Photographic prints and canvas ready within 2-4 days for our in-house professional printing lab.
4.) Photo Session Include.
High – resolution Digital Creative Photograph(s): The artistic creativity in posing, background, and lighting to capture your photograph that will tell your story. Your end product is a high-resolution digital file with personal print and usage rights. We recommend having your photographs printed by our professional lab that we have in our studio.

About the photographer.
Kenny was a US Naval Photographer from the old film days and has continued learning throughout the digital photography era. He is a master large format printer for other photographers. Prints images up to 5 ft x 20 ft.
I believe that the work should be in the camera as much as possible. Therefore, it takes time to create a great photograph that you will cherish for years. I will not shoot and burn in just a few minutes just to give you 30-50 images that took seconds to shoot. Instead, I believe a few creatively composed photographs are more valuable than a lot of snap shots.

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12″ x 36″ Custom Year of Collage Frame Print

Included with all “Share Your Adventure Year” Packages.

Senior, Best Friends, and Kids Portrait’s

Only $99 Limited Time and Space

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Special Portrait Session October 10, 2020

For 1- 3 Persons

Shows us your summer fun!

Great for Kids, Senior Portrait, and friends.


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