Facts and Questions

All Photography Sessions

What to bring to a photography session.

You should bring
**If you wear glasses, please make sure they are clean, try to avoid transitions lens.
Props and/or accessories that we had discussed during our planning session.


  • Comb or Brush
  • Makeup
  • Bring a tiny powder kit, 2 shades, one brush.
  • Hair Clips and/or Ties
  • Hair Spray or mouse product to control hair.
  • Lipstick and or chap stick


  • Comb or Brush
  • Hair spray or mouse to control hair
  • Hats make sure they a clean, dirt and debris shows up in portrait really good.


  • Comb and or Brush
  • Snacks that are quick to eat and not messy.
  • Water /milk/juice
  • Young kids a toy or something they can enjoy while I take the parents’ photographs
  • Wipes
  • Diaper bag if applicable
  • Props and/or accessories that we had discussed during our planning session.


  • Leash and collar
  • Water and bowl
  • Toys
  • Taining Aids you use
  • Treats
  • Poop baggies
  • Make sure your pet is bath and groomed (including around there eyes) they would look great in the portraits.

What is a Outfit?

Is one set of clothes if you have Jacket, scarf or other accessories that can be removed without going back to the changing room would be considered 1 outfit.

Additional outfit changes can be added to any package for $15 per outfit

How does ON-SITE Selection of your Photographs work?

You view and select the Photographic images you would like at the time of the photographic session. No waiting weeks to view your photographs. We are confident in our photography to have you view them immediately without having to process the images with computer software.

What‘s the difference between and High-Resolution Photographic Digital File and a Social Media Digital File?

High-Resolution Photographic Digital File:

  • Has enough pixel to print a gallery quality photograph up to the size of 11 inches x 14 inches from a professional Photo Lab like https://enlargephotos.com, our in house lab. They do not work for social media do to the site will down size the image and degrade the quality of the image.

Social Media Digital File:

  • Is created and sized properly for the social media platforms, without losing image quality when viewed on a computer, phone, or tablet. We do not recommend them for printing of any size.
    Quality is important to us, therefore we provide your both a High-Resolution file and a social media file.
What is an Adventure Year Pacakges?

A Creative Series of your life within a year

On-Location Photography Sessions

What is a Location?

Is an area that we photograph in. You can have different creative artistic photographic series with-in walking distance of a location.

If a location is further than 15 miles from T or C, NM then a charge of $2 per mile is added to the package.
Additional locations can be added to any package for $75 plus $2.00 per mile traveled to a new location.
What justifies a different location if we have load are equipment back in our trailer and drive to a new location.

What is a Creative Artistic Photographic Series?

Is created by blending the beauty of the surrounding landscape to highlight the beauty within you. With special lighting and composing to capture your photograph that you will cherish for years. Within each creative artistic series are several poses which you select from immediately. We are confident in our photography for you to view your photographs immediately without software corrections. And select your photograph on site no waiting for weeks to view your photographs.
Additional Creative photographic series can be added to any package for $200.