Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program is more than just getting photographs taken. This program is about creating photographs and being a part of something special with your School, Family, Friends or Favorite Activity all while earning credits towards your very own Portraits Packages and Photographic Prints with Kenny R Photography.

We are selecting High School Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores to become Ambassadors for the school years of 2021, 2022, and 2023. We plan to have all available slots filled by June 15th, 2020. If you attend schools at these locations below, APPLY TODAY; space is limited

Private and/or Public Schools of interest located in: T or C, Magdalena, Socorro, Hatch, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

COVID-19 Update: We are hopping by the middle to end of June to be able to safely start photographing again, depending on state rules. However, we can start planning for the photographic sessions. Thank You

What do our Ambassadors say about the program?

I think that it’s a lot of fun and a new experience. When you have a rough day, you can always look forward to your next shoot. It’s not just photos it’s whole experience. Anyone would love to do it.

  Ambassador Kalista.

What is an Ambassador?


Who are we looking for?

  • Those who are positive Role models
  • Like to have their photographs taken
  • Outgoing individuals.
  • You do not have to be a model, or a certain body type.
  • We would just like to have You!

What experiences will you enjoy?

  • Learn creative posing.
  • Have a complete lighting studio on location a lot like the movies.
  • Group photo sessions with other ambassadors.
  • Special location photo sessions may require travel.
  • Special theme photo sessions.
  • Help our local sponsors promote their business and our local community.
  • Social media Photographs to share with friends.

What will the parent experience?

  • Your child photographed in a special creative way with lighting that brings out a special look.
  • Enjoy your child experiencing a new and fun way to build their self-esteem.

What we expect from you.

  • You will represent our company and other sponsors with your great photographs.
  • Promote, and sell photo sessions for Kenny R Photography.
  • Book and pay for one portrait package with the opportunity to earn credits by selling sessions!
  • Credits will be applied to additional photo sessions and/or prints.
  • REFER your friends, family and acquaintances to Kenny R Photography and HAVE FUN!
  • If under the age of 18 your parent or legal guardian must sign the contract and be present during all photo sessions.

What You Get.

  • 1 On Location Portrait Photo Session at a discount
  • Social Media Profile images to share.

  • Ambassador cards..

  • Your images may be used in print ads.

  • Kenny R Photography may ask you for an additional Photo session(s)
  • We get creative ideas throughout the year and will call on our models to help test them out! Although it’s not required, we appreciate your help. You will receive credits for extra photo sessions.

Who will be Accepted?

  • Families, couples, students, and kids.
  • We will accept limited ambassadors within a geographical area or school.
  • Applications  accepted on a 1st come, 1st accepted basis, after viewing your Social Media Presence.
  • We want Ambassadors whose action reflect positively within their Community, School, and Social Media.